The iGRACE Salon in Vizag is a unisex salon. It offers a wide range of services such as hair cuts, hair treatments, facials and more. The salon has been in business for over 10 years and is known to be the best beauty parlourin Vizag.

The Salon in Vizag offers the best services that you can find in any beauty parlor or salon. It offers the best hair cuts, facial treatments and more for both men and women. The Salon at Vizag has been open for over 10 years now and is the most popular beauty parlor  in Vizag.

Best salon in vizag

This is a salon that offers a variety of services including: waxing, facials, and haircuts. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is passionate about what they do and will take the time to educative you about the services we offer..

This is a salon in Vizag that offers a variety of services.

It has been operational for over four years and has been providing high quality services to its customers.

It provides facials, hair cuts, hair treatments, and more.

The team of experts we have at the company are highly qualified and have a deep knowledge of the field, having accrued years of experience in this area. You can always count on this blog for all of your beauty and fashion needs.

Permanent Makeup at iGRACE

We also have wide range of Permanent Makeup services like, microblading, Lip Corrections, Face Lifting and other advanced Laser treatments at selected arears.




Genuine Product

In iGRACE, We only use branded and genuine products because you desrve the Best!


Trained Beauticians

In iGRACE, We maintain a well trained beauticians, we’ll test there standard of services.


Trained Hairdressers

In iGRACE, We maintain a well trained Hair Dressers, we’ll test there standard of Skills.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If Client not satisfied with our services, treat them as free. Deserves 100% satisfaction.


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